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Kelly Chang Rickert

Kelly Rickert’s Legal Guides

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  • Top Custody Complaints and My Advice

    If you are going through a divorce or a paternity case with children, and you absolutely hate your spouse/partner, I strongly urge you read this article. First, as a custody lawyer, if there was ONE trait I could wish on all my clients, it would be MATURITY. Thats correct, 95%...

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  • Grandparent v. Biological Parent: Michael Jackson's kids

    Before we start, here is my ever-proper lawyer disclaimer: without knowing the SPECIFIC details of the custody proceeding, my opinions are merely based on my legal experience. Thus, I am merely speculating and not giving legal advice. The main issue I see revolving around the gu...

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  • What to Do Before You Divorce

    Go To Counseling. Ok, before we even start thinking about divorce - GO TO COUNSELING. Couples AND individual. A lot of problems causing people to divorce may be personal problems. If you can save the

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  • California Divorce Law Cheat Sheet

    What are the residency requirements for filing for divorce in California? To file for a divorce in California, at least one of you must be a resident of the state for the six months prior to filing.

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