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Deirdre Lynn O'Connor

Deirdre O'Connor’s Legal Guides

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  • How Much Detail Should You Include About Your Criminal Case on Avvo

    Why the seemingly conflicting advice? In criminal matters, a good defense lawyer is always concerned that the accused does not talk to anyone (except another criminal defense lawyer in a confidential

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  • What to do about BAD answers on Avvo?

    (To the lawyers) To err is human . . . Sometimes even the best of us make mistakes once in a while. Fellow attorneys can tactfully correct the error for the benefit of the Avvo consumer without unne

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  • What can my lawyer do about my "ALLEGED" Confession?

    Should you or your lawyer be worried about the statement? Is it actually incriminating? The first thing your defense lawyer will do is determine whether the statement helps or hurts the defense. An

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  • Being Innocent Can Be Dangerous

    How the innocent can navigate the pitfalls of the criminal justice system that assumes you're guilty. Myth: The Truth Will Set Me Free! Reality: Anything you say can and will be used against you! Ma

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  • How to Find a Good Lawyer in a Mistaken ID Case

    Start looking for an attorney right away Eyewitness identification ("EyeID") cases require prompt attention. Do not wait; critical evidence will be forever lost. Assuming you hire the right lawyer, s

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  • How to Get Rid of a Bad Court-Appointed Lawyer

    Know the Rules About Changing Lawyers You can always fire your private lawyer and hire a new one without the court's approval. You can always replace a court-appointed lawyer (public defender, altern

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