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Homa S. Woodrum

Homa Woodrum’s Legal Guides

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  • Understanding Nevada Guardianship Types

    There is confusion in the media ("ward of the state" gets tossed around a lot) and in public perception about Nevada guardianship matters. This guide explains the difference between private professio

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  • Guide to Clark County, Nevada Family Service Resources

    I often get requests for information about free assistance for families in Clark County facing homelessness, divorce, child support and custody issues, as well situations such as domestic abuse or foo

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  • What Incapacity in Adults is NOT in Nevada Adult Guardianship Cases

    It comes up every so often that a concerned friend or family member thinks that guardianship would allow them to assist another person in making medical or financial decisions (or both) in their stead

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  • Obtaining Proof of United States Citizenship

    Certain applications, such as a U.S. Passport application, require proof of naturalization or citizenship. What do you do when you've lost your proof or need to obtain it for the first time? See bel

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  • 10 Things to Gather Before Meeting Your Nevada Guardianship Attorney

    The best way to save on costs with an attorney is to do as much of your own information gathering as possible. These tips are also good if you are preparing to represent yourself in a guardianship mat

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