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Jacob Russell Smets

Jacob Smets’s Legal Guides

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  • Proposition 207 - Recreational Marijuana - The Things You Need to Know

    Rules and guidelines for Marijuana in Arizona after the passage of Proposition 207. Disclaimer - Sentencing information, as well as the other listed information in this guide may be subject to chan

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  • Common Mistakes of Landlords In Forcible Detainer Actions

    This guide is designed to address general drafting errors seen, common problems seen, and how a special detainer/forcible detainer actions for retaking possession transpire and how to avoid them. This

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  • Texting and Driving (Distracted Driving) in the State of Arizona

    The purpose of this guide is to provide information on House Bill (HB) 2318, signed into law by Governor Doug Ducey on April 22, 2019. Recent history of “Hands Free” in Arizona Prior to the signing of

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  • Common Arizona Criminal Traffic Violations

    The purpose of this guide is to inform the average individual of the most common criminal traffic violations Arizona has and what punishments can be expected if charges are brought against you. This g

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