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Bruce Ward Bain

Bruce Bain’s Legal Guides

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  • Do I have a medical malpractice claim?

    Its complicated, detailed and expensive. Start by getting all of your records and reading your medical releases Medical malpractice occurs when a healthcare professional or entity harms a patient dur

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  • What to say to the court- Pro Se Family law divorce

    This is a BASIC primer of what you need to say. You are always best represented by a lawyer as the decree will guide you for the rest of the time. What to say to the court YOUR TESTIMONY IN COURT Whe

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  • Debt Collection- Tips

    Tips to use against aggressive debt collectors Things to know You cannot be put in jail because of failure to pay your debts. A creditor can sue you if you make small monthly payments and he has not a

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  • Pay day loans and criminal charges. Say what?

    This is a link to a great article on payday loans and the threat of criminal charges being threatened. PAY DAY LOANS AND CRIMINAL CHARGES ON A CIVIL MATTER

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  • Texas Domestic Violence charges and Gun Laws

    A primer on what is what. These gun possession prohibitions attach to a domestic violence misdemeanor Texas prohibits firearm possession by domestic violence misdemeanants for five years following re

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  • What to do after a car wreck

    Be Prepared Stay calm and follow the advice herein. Always contact your lawyer. Be Prepared Carry a set of cones, warning triangles, or emergency flares in your trunk to help alert traffic. It also

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