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Natalie Gregg

Natalie Gregg’s Legal Guides

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  • Timeline for Procedures in Family Law

    1) File the petition or request for relief-Your attorney goes to the courthouse, pays the filing fee and asks the court for the list of items contained in your petition. The Race to the Courthouse only earns the first person the status of Petitioner and person who lagged behind, ...

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  • Top Ten Things to Tell your Lawyer in the First Consultation

    Question 1 What is the worst thing that somebody would say about you, EVEN IF it weren’t true? Question 2 Do you have any friends in common with the other party? Would they testify against you? Quest

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  • Top Ten Common Myths in Family Law

    1. I want “full custody” of the children. In Texas, the magic legal words are “conservatorship” and “access.” Conservatorship is the bundle of rights and duties that accompany being a parent; for

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