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Tyler R. Barrett

Tyler Barrett’s Legal Guides

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  • Dealing with Creditors in Oklahoma Probate

    This guide explains the responsibilities and duties of the Personal Representative in an Oklahoma probate with regard to creditors of the deceased. Identifying Known Creditors After being appointed by

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  • Education Trusts

    With advanced degrees becoming increasingly important in the 21st century economy, parents and grandparents are looking for ways to provide for the next generation's education if something happens to

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  • Medicaid and Nursing Homes: What Oklahoma Seniors Need to Know

    Medicaid can help pay for the costs of long-term care in nursing homes. However, eligibility for benefits is based on the applicant's income and resources. This guide provides an overview and offers t

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  • Basic Estate Planning in Oklahoma

    This guide addresses some of the most frequently asked questions about estate planning in Oklahoma and provides an overview of the common tools used to create an estate plan. What is estate planning?

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  • Oklahoma Probate and Estate Administration: Frequently Asked Questions

    Probate and estate administration refers to the court-supervised process of managing and distributing a deceased person's assets and property. Oklahoma probate law is highly technical in nature, and i

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