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Beau James Brock

Beau Brock’s Legal Guides

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  • A Sea Change for Probation in Louisiana for Non-Violent & Non-Sex Crime Offenders in 2018

    There has been a sea change n the area of probation in Louisiana for offenders on supervision for crimes which are not crimes or violence or sex crimes and who are not under the supervision of a drug

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  • The Empire Strikes Back: How to Prepare & Respond to Environmental Criminal Investigations

    Defending corporations, individuals, and governmental entities who are under criminal investigation by EPA. Objectives for our discussion Criminal Investigation Division organizational awareness. EPA

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  • Representing Unpopular Causes & Clients - A Guide to Professionalism in Criminal Defense

    We are asked in this field of law, how do you represent people accused of crimes? How do you sleep at night? The answer lies in our duty & is grounded in the same sacred texts those who would question

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