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Robert A. Ross

Robert Ross’s Legal Guides

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  • Your Medicare card: Go ahead, leave home without it

    Stop Identity theft from happening to you. What's in seniors' wallets? Most likely, a Medicare card that leaves you vulnerable to scams and fraud. PROTECTING YOUR NUMBER It's a peculiar anachronism i

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  • Is a Living Will the same as a Living Trust?

    This is confusing to many people, and quite understandably so, because the names are so similar. But these are very different documents and they do very different things. A living will is for medical

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  • Planning Your Legacy: Not Just for the Rich and Famous

    Why Plan your estate? Life is full of choices. Where to live? What career to follow? Whether to purchase a home? Frequently, our lives are governed by the choices that we fail to make; the non-decisions that come from procrastination, ignorance or apathy. People can choose to pla...

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  • Does the New Estate Tax Law Affect Your Legacy?

    In one word: YES. Thanks to the new law, fewer families will pay estate taxes but making your wishes become reality still takes careful planning. The new changesrecently signed into law made some big changes to the federal estate tax, which is applied to the value of what you l...

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  • Charitable Giving, Lead By Example

    When kidsare asked, "Do you know what organizations or causes your family donates money or time to?" most children 17 and younger said either, "I'm not aware of their giving at all" or "I know my parents give back, but I'm not sure how or to whom." Only 23 percent said, "My pare...

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  • Roth IRA Conversion

    Convert now decide later Make the conversion now. Then you have until tax time next year to decide if it was a good idea. If the fund value has risen it works. If the fund value has gone down put it

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  • How to Donate to a Charity from Your IRA

    The Rules are: 1. You must be 70 1/2 or older. 2. Transfers must be made directly from the IRA custodian to the Charity. 3. Up to $100,000.00 may be gifted in 2009. The IRA distributions can come fr

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  • What is a Charitable Bargain Sale?

    Is this gift for you? 1. You want to use your appreciated real estate to make a gift, but retain some of its value for your personal needs. 2. You are looking for a gift plan that can return signi

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