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Michael S. Melfi

Michael Melfi’s Legal Guides

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  • Intellectual Property (IP) Overview

    What is Intellectual Property? The team of IP experts at Melfi Associates is here to work with you on your IP management needs. We specialize in both provisional and non-provisional patent registration, and have expertise in trademarks and copyrights. We also handle trademarks,...

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  • Sports & Entertainment Law Overview

    What is Sports Entertainment Law? Sports Entertainment clients have always been a part of our firms family and it is no surprise that it is included in our firms services. Some of the key areas include contract negotiations, reputation management, and law for the modern age. Th...

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  • Digital Law Overview

    Digital Law OverviewWhat is 'Digital Law?'Digital Law encompasses a wide range of legal areas - it typically refers to traditional legal areas that have been revitalized with the internet and social media. Some of these include Social Media P...

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