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Bradley Lynn Banks

Bradley Banks’s Legal Guides

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  • A look at Diversion Agreements in Indiana

    So you have been arrested and charged with a misdemeanor. Your likely a little scared and confused. Most of all you are concerned about have a criminal conviction on your record. Before you lose too much sleep, you might just qualify for a Diversion Agreement also referred to as ...

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  • An Overview of Indiana's Alcohol Related Offenses

    Possessing, Using, or Furnishing a Fake ID: If you possess or use a fake ID then it is an infraction and you can be subjected to a fine and in some instances a license suspension. For those trying to profit off of kids buying fake IDs, they are facing a Class C misdemeanor, this...

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  • 4 Tips to Contesting an Indiana DUI

    4 suggested areas to investigate or consider in challenging a DUI charge in Indiana. This guide just discusses 4 possibilities. There are numerous potential issues be looked into. This just touches on 4.

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