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Craig Alan Newburger

Craig Newburger’s Legal Guides

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  • Domestic Violence and Divorce

    If your spouse knowingly physically harms or attempts to physically harm you (or your children), such that you fear for your safety, you are a victim of domestic violence (DV). You may choose to take action to prevent future violence or threatened violence. One option involves...

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  • Legal Separation or Divorce?

    Legal separations are mutually agreed upon by the parties. One reason parties seek a legal separation, rather than a divorce or dissolution, can be to ensure both parties receive continued health insurance coverage that would otherwise be lost ...

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  • Ohio Speeding Violations: Remedies For Out of State Drivers and Ohio Licensed Drivers

    If your state is a member of the Driver License Compact, points earned from moving violations in Ohio will be forwarded to the state BMV where you are licensed. You should get an Ohio attorney. Short of winning a "your word against the officer's" trial, your Ohio attorney may be ...

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