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Lawrence G. Walters

Lawrence Walters’s Legal Guides

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  • Content Sharing Fan Sites - Walters Law Group Legal Guide

    This Legal Guide provides an overview of the legal issues to consider when launching a content sharing "fan" site which allows users to sell access to posts, images, or videos. Introduction The world

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  • Legal Guide for Domain Name Disputes

    This legal guide will help you take action when confronted with domain name infringement. Important strategic decisions must be made before taking formal action to recover an infringing domain name. T

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  • Bitcoin Law Primer

    This legal guide will summarize the key legal issues in the field of Bitcoin Law. Introduction Bitcoin transactions are quick, inexpensive, and (relatively) anonymous. These features have attracted e

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  • Legal Recommendations for Live Webcam Operations

    This Legal Guide is intended to provide an overview of the legal issues associated with the growing live webcam industry. Our firm's experience in representing network operators, studios, and models a

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  • Adult Website Law - Tips for Safely Operating an Erotic-Themed Website

    This legal guide provides insight into the complex federal and constitutional issues impacting adult website operation. Topics include obscenity law, age verification, mandatory records-keeping laws

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