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Douglas Nathan Fox

Douglas Fox’s Legal Guides

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  • Stalking as Basis for Temporary Protective Order in Georgia

    STALKING AS A BASIS FOR TPO / RESTRAINING ORDER IN GEORGIA Restraining orders are court orders that prevent one person from having any contact with another party.In Gwinnett County, as well as the rest of the State of Georgia, there are two basic ways for a judge to issue a restr...

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  • Things You Need to Know About a Parenting Plan in Georgia

    Under O.C.G.A. 19-9-1, every domestic relations case in Georgia in which children are involved whether a divorce case, modification of custody, modification of visitation, legitimation, or other custody matter now requires the adoption of a formal Parenting Plan before a case ...

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  • Georgia Drug Possession Laws

    Much like its neighbor Florida, the state of Georgia has little tolerance for drug possession. In a state with overcrowded prisons and a significant problem with drug crime, a good attorney may be able to help offer you a solid and effective defense if you have been arrested for ...

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  • Reasons for Child Support Modification in Georgia

    When it comes to paying and receiving child support, they are subject to change and are not necessarily permanent. Whenever either party has experienced a significant change in circumstances, it may warrant a child support modification.

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