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Nikki Jo Moreschi

Nikki Moreschi’s Legal Guides

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  • Temporary Maintenance in New York - Big Changes.

    The Guidelines for Temporary Maintenance (Pendente Lite) Awards: First, there will only be award when the payee spouse makes less than 2/3 of the payor spouse's "income". [Note that "income" is defi

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  • The NEW No Fault Divorce in New York State! Easy or Not?

    The Relationship Between the Parties Has Broken Down Irretrievably for at Least 6 Months. Domestic Relations Law ("DRL) 170(7) now provides that a divorce may be obtained on the grounds that "the rel

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  • Considering Divorce? Get to Know the Law First!

    Assets of the Marriage Look at your assets. Gather all of your financial information. Your attorney is going to need a complete list to determine what is marital property and separate property. Thi

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