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Konstantinos Volakos

Konstantinos Volakos’s Legal Guides

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  • Commercial Real Estate Sales and Purchases

    Over the past sixty years both the residential and commercial real estate markets have exploded all across the nation, especially in larger, more populous cities. Today, commercial real estate is big business, and purchasing commercial real estate is a huge investment that involv...

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  • An Overview of Ancillary Probate in New York

    Ancillary probate is that area of law that deals with out of state property owned by a decedent and how it is managed and liquidated. Real property is subject to the laws of the state for where it is located. When a person dies, his or her estate will go into probate. During prob...

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  • How to Stop Foreclosure

    Losing ones home can be a very expensive and traumatic experience. Fortunately, there are avenues which a borrower can take that can stop the foreclosure process. Many people are fulfilling the American Dream when they buy their own home. For many homeowners, the purchase of rea...

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  • Have you been injured on a wet or slippery floor?

    Wet and slippery floors can pose significant risks for passersby. If you were injured by a wet or slippery floor, you may be entitled to a personal injury claim. Property owners have a responsibility to keep their property safe from causing undue injuries to unwitting visitors. ...

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  • Explaining Premises Liability Accidents

    Tens of thousands of individuals sustain serious injuries every year on other peoples property. Under premises liability law, the property owner can be held financially responsible when someone else gets injured while lawfully on their property. Both private and commercial proper...

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  • Alternatives to Foreclosure

    Millions of Americans are losing their homes to foreclosure. Fortunately, there are several alternatives to foreclosure that may help you avoid having your family home foreclosed upon. Everywhere you look, foreclosures are popping up all across the nation. Whether your home has a...

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  • Importance of Fighting Foreclosure Proceedings

    The foreclosure crisis has swept the nation, leaving every state affected in its wake. Today, nearly everybody knows somebody who is either in foreclosure or buying a foreclosed home. Something you only used to hear about has now become the norm in many states. People are no long...

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  • Understanding Predatory Lending

    Predatory lending describes dishonest, unfair, deceptive or fraudulent practices by certain mortgage lenders during the loan origination process. The FDIC goes on to define predatory lending as imposing unfair and abusive loan terms on borrowers. A recent study reported that near...

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