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Ronald Glenn Lieberman

Ronald Lieberman’s Legal Guides

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  • How to Speak to Your Attorney

    What level of communication should you have You should feel as if you can tell your attorney just about anything which is not designed to commit a crime using that attorney's advice to you. What shou

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  • College costs in New Jersey

    What Is the Main Case in New Jersey for Payment of College Costs The key case is Newburgh v. Arrigo, 88 NJ 529 (1982) which discusses the payment of college costs. What are the Factors for Payment of

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  • New Jersey Custody Statute

    If you are involved in a custody matter in New Jersey, know the statutes and decisional law. The operative custody statute in New Jersey is NJSA. 9:2-2 and NJSA 9:2-4. Read them and be sure you understand them. Know that New Jersey is receptive to sole legal custody and wary of ...

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  • Going to Trial

    Trial time Every attempt you made to settle your case has failed. Your spouse refuses to be reasonable, so a divorce trial is on the horizon. You need not fear if you understand your role, the judge'

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  • Hiring an attorney

    What to think about when hiring an attorney. Do you need an attorney and how do you find one that you will trust? This article will set forth some answers to those and other questions from the viewpo

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  • 10 Issues to consider when settling your divorce

    Include all claims Be sure that all claims (monetary, property distribution, custody) are being resolved. Leave nothing out and be sure your spouse disclosed all information you would expect to revie

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