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Jordan K. Foster

Jordan Foster’s Answers

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  • Fail to yield for emergency vehicleARCHIVED

    Jordan’s Answer

    Yes, contest the ticket! The facts and fine seem outrageous. I think hiring an attorney would be money well spent in this circumstance.

  • How can I remove a no contact order between me and my husband from Washington.ARCHIVED

    Jordan’s Answer

    I can only presume the No Contact Order (NCO) was put in place through a criminal court, and there is an underlying allegation of Assault or Malicious Mischief and the charge came with a Domestic Violence tag. If so, you may petition the court (file a motion) to ask the court or judge to Rescind the NCO.

    Understand, the judge will not simply remove or rescind the NCO because you, or the alleged victim, is asking. There are a lot of factors the judge will consider before removing a NCO; such as, is this isolated incident, are safety plans in place, has anyone undergone treatment, were drugs or alcohol involved, etc. The judge wants assurance no further incidents are going to occur. To accomplish this, you should go speak with and hire an attorney.

  • How to get protection order from judge dropped its been 2 years we want to be together n have been 16 years he's in jail now.

    Jordan’s Answer

    To get a protection order dropped, you need to file a motion to rescind or remove. To give yourself the best opportunity for removal you should consult with a lawyer. Protection orders are put in place for a reason. The judge will not be compelled by the simple passage of time. You will need to demonstrate and show to the judge a very compelling reason(s) to rescind: factors such as counseling, treatment, medication, inherit bonds - family parent/children husband/wife, safety plans are just a few. Having third parties available for support can also help (e.g. family members, counselors). It should also be noted separate attorneys may help facilitate the request.

  • Can you be fined for failing to display disable parking tag properly on city street parking?ARCHIVED

    Jordan’s Answer

    Yes, you can be cited and possibly fined for not properly displaying a parking tag. Many judges and parking enforcement will employ a strict letter of the law when it comes to proper display of parking passes/disabled parking tags. Unfortunately, you can't always expect empathy or compassion from some people.

    You should consider contesting the matter and request a court date before a judge. If you properly document the incident, bring in the display tag, and possible pictures of where it was displayed, you may find a compassionate judge who will let you go with a warning.

  • Misdemeanor charges at 17, what happens at 18ARCHIVED

    Jordan’s Answer

    You should know upfront whether he is currently being tried as an adult or a juvenile. If he is in the juvenile system currently, he will likely remain there. Different rules do apply between juvenile and adult court.

    If this is in Pierce County, you should be able to get additional information from working with probation officer. I would also encourage you to reach out to an attorney on this matter.

  • Will I get a drug test on the date of my court appearance and what will my approximate penalty be?

    Jordan’s Answer

    Unless you have already been placed under probation, court supervision, or specific conditions of release it is unlikely you will be required to take a drug test. A charge of minor in possession (MIP) is classified as a gross misdemeanor under Washington law RCW 66.44.270. The penalty or punishment of a MIP conviction can be serious, including jail and monetary fine; not too mention a conviction on your record. However, if you have never been in trouble before, most courts and prosecutors will be fairly reasonable in these circumstances. Sometimes pre trial diversion agreements will be offered to teach you a lesson and hold you accountable, but also offer an alternative to a conviction.

    If you're facing an MIP charge you should really seek the advice of a lawyer. At such a young age, you don't want your record tarnished, if possible. The court system can be very confusing and having a good attorney can help guide you through the process and fight for you.

  • Will contesting my speeding ticket make it worse?

    Jordan’s Answer

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    No, contesting a speeding ticket will not make it worse. There isn't really any pitfall to contesting a ticket other than the time you'll waste at court. Hiring an attorney can be very beneficial as they can likely waive your appearance and handle it for you. A successful contest can also help avoid a moving violation on your record and avoid insurance hikes.

  • Business questionARCHIVED

    Jordan’s Answer

    You need to contact an attorney to help you review this - preferably a construction attorney. If you're willing to give her back the $3,000 and she demanded that you do so, that should likely take care of it (she asked for $3K and you offered $3K - seems simple), but you will want to confirm this in writing.

    In the future you should review RCW 64.50 ( regarding construction defect claims, which if you provide the proper notice prior to the job, you would be given an opportunity to cure any defect before she sued you.

  • If a construction contractor's bond expires in the state of Washington, am I able to win a judgement against the bond?

    Jordan’s Answer

    You may pursue an action against the bond, but as a general contractor or subcontractor in this case you only have one year to pursue it. See RCW 18.27.040:

    "Action upon the bond or deposit brought by any other authorized party shall be commenced by filing the summons and complaint with the clerk of the appropriate superior court within one year from the date the claimed labor was performed and benefits accrued, taxes and contributions owing the state of Washington became due, materials and equipment were furnished, or the claimed contract work was substantially completed or abandoned, whichever occurred first."

    Remember also, the surety bond is only a security device in the event the contractor cannot pay you on a judgment. Even if you can't pursue the bond, you can always pursue a breach of contract or perhaps unjust enrichment claim.

    Contact a construction attorney to review and send a demand letter.

  • Can I demand my new neighbors move their fence as it is 2 feet on my property?ARCHIVED

    Jordan’s Answer

    You can always demand it, but they may say no way. If your neighbors' fence has been there for over ten years, you may have an adverse possession claim on your hands. Contact a Pierce County real estate attorney.