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John Christopher Matson

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  • Can my landlord re-rent my sons bedroom with one day notice if i'm late on rent?

    John’s Answer

    Under state law, for any eviction the landlord must provide the tenant at the minimum a three day notice to pay or vacate before taking any other action. In other words, there is always a three day period beginning the day after rent was due before any eviction action can proceed. If rent hasn't been paid for say a week or longer, then the 3 day notice is still given, but the landlord must also serve a summons and complaint on the tenant that gives a window of time for the tenant to respond to the Complaint. This is a detailed area of law with many requirements on the landlord, and a number of variables such as whether the tenant is month-to-month or has a fixed term lease. In sum though, 1 day notice is never sufficient to evict, and rarely even sufficient to enter the tenant's space without permission.

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