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Martin Wade Hodges

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  • Do i need a lawyer will this effect his futureARCHIVED

    Martin’s Answer

    You should definitely get your son a good criminal defense lawyer. Most jurisdictions will provide a public defender if your son cannot afford to hire a private attorney. Drug possession charges can have serious future ramifications. Depending on your jurisdiction, he may lose his driver's license and a conviction will likely disqualify him from financial aid if he chooses to attend college. As far as your concern regarding racial profiling as the cause for him being stopped, I would strongly suggest you talk to an attorney about this issue as well as this is a serious violation of your son's civil rights and is clearly a prohibited practice as far as probable cause to pull your son over. However, please note that even marijuana butts are generally considered enough evidence to sustain a possession charge if they can prove it is in fact marijuana. If it was your son's car where the butts were found and he was driving, they may have a sustainable case. At any rate, hire a good lawyer and you may be able to get the case dismissed or the charges reduced. Good luck.

  • If a juvinile is sentenced to 8 days in jail, can he go back and ask for weekends so he can attend school!ARCHIVED

    Martin’s Answer

    He can ask...the worse thing the Judge can say is no.

  • What happens if you leave a store without the groceries you paid for?

    Martin’s Answer

    If you scanned the groceries but failed to bag them, that is not the store's fault. Next time you should let the courtesy checker bag your groceries. If he/she forgets to put them in your bag after you paid for them, then you would have recourse to obtain the unbagged items or get your money back if you could prove that you did not receive the goods. By using the modern convenience of self-serve, you also assume the responsibility to check that you received what you paid for before leaving the store.

  • What is the rcw for statute of limitations on an oral contract

    Martin’s Answer

    RCW 4.16.080 applies to oral contracts. Whether your case can be dismissed based on the statute of limitations is very fact specific and would require more information than you have provided here to properly answer your question.

  • Can I be sued by a medical facility if I suffered severe harm while in their care?ARCHIVED

    Martin’s Answer

    If you are being sued as you say, the answer to your question is yes. Whether the suit is valid depends on the facts of your situation. What are you being sued for? Seems there is more to this story than you have stated. At any rate, there are not sufficient facts provided to offer you any kind of meaningful response.

  • Got hit and run by uninsured motorist, what should i do?ARCHIVED

    Martin’s Answer

    If you have insurance for property damage, report it to your insurance carrier immediately and they should take care of the repair. If this is a hit and run, did you see the car that hit you? Did you file a police report? If you are injured and do not have uninsured motorist coverage, do you have personal injury protection coverage (PIP) that will pay your medical expenses? If you have no available insurance coverage, you did not see the vehicle that hit you, and you have little or no information pertaining to the collision, you can still file a police report as they have a duty to investigate, but there is probably very little they or you can do to find the hit and run driver. Based on the limited information provided by you, it is really difficult to answer this question with any specificity.

  • I was involved in an auto/ped accident where I was the driver.ARCHIVED

    Martin’s Answer

    As stated by my colleagues, report this incident to your insurance company immediately. From a practical standpoint, if there was a police report, you would have heard from the police by now. If this person hired an attorney, they probably would have contacted your insurance company first, and possibly you also. It sounds like this person is a total scammer. If you feel like you are being extorted, you may want to contact the police yourself and make a report of the entire situation. Good luck. Please let me know if this information is helpful.

  • After a accident if the police didn't issue a ticket can I go to traffic court for them to review it. So one can be given?ARCHIVED

    Martin’s Answer

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    You need to contact the police officer who responded to the accident and give him any additional information that you think is relevant. If you believe that you are not at fault and have property damage or physical injury, you can file a civil suit against the other driver. If you have insurance on your vehicle, you need to contact your insurance company immediately and report the accident. Your insurance company will investigate and make a determination regarding who is at fault. Although this would not be a final legal determination of fault, your insurance company has the resources to fully investigate what happened and establish the facts. Good luck. Please let me know if this information is helpful.

  • How am i charged for possession of marijuanaARCHIVED

    Martin’s Answer

    Sounds like you were charged with possession of marijuana based on your pipe which allegedly had marijuana residue in it. Generally speaking, if your pipe was used to smoke marijuana and was not thoroughly cleaned afterward, there is residue in the pipe which technically can be construed as possession of a controlled substance. Sounds kind of ticky tacky of the police, but based on the limited facts given, that is what I am assuming happened. BTW, a lighter is not illegal to possess. I suggest you consult with a criminal lawyer in your area. This kind of charge is often easily dismissed based on lack of evidence or other technicalities that could be identified by an experienced attorney. Good luck. Please let me know if this information is helpful.

  • Is there a time limit to file a car insurance claim and in Washington

    Martin’s Answer

    The statute of limitations for filing a personal injury claim in Washington is 3 years from the date of the accident.