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Samuel P. King Jr.

Samuel King’s Answers

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  • What is the difference between the ADLRO revoking your license and the Court taking away your license?

    Samuel’s Answer

    For a first-time offender, if ADLRO revokes the license, it's for a year. You can drive your personal vehicle with an Interlock in your car. Costs about $90 to install and about $90 per month to use. You can get permission to drive a company vehicle with a proper letter from employer (doesn't apply to CDL). If you win ADLRO, you get your license back, but if you lose the criminal case in court, it's the SAME PENALTY (one year for first offender and OK to drive with Interlock). Multiple offenders have longer revocation periods. If you lose your license at ADLRO, the Court will not impose a further revocation.