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Anthony J Sperber

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  • How to do a Motor home demand letter for CA and find a Lemon law lawyer for CA if needed

    Anthony’s Answer

    Hi there.

    So sorry to hear about your situation! Most of my RV clients have found themselves in a similar situation: they spend a lot of money on a top-of-the-line motor home thinking they will receive and be able to enjoy what they've been promised. They make their plans, which often involve meeting friends, family, or just travelling to places have been waiting to visit.

    Thor proclaims itself to be "the #1 motorhome brand in North America." Thor claims that it "leads the RV industry in introducing cutting-edge innovations and offering a variety of options that fit every customer's lifestyle and budget." (Sounds like you could have done with less “cutting edge” and more old fashioned workmanship and customer service!)

    Of course, we’re all adults and expect a certain amount of puffing in ads. But defective MHs present consumers with obstacles that are often quite different than those faced by car buyers. This is especially true of the MH owner is a full-timer. After all, a MH is essentially a house on wheels - there are walls, cabinets, appliances, plumbing, etc., so it must be built extremely well.

    A few years back, a defense attorney defending Winnebago confessed to me that if a MH isn't built right in the beginning, it will never be right because all the vibration from driving will, over the years, make even small problems bigger, and prevent a permanent fix to substantial defects. That client, like my Tiffin client around the same time, didn't like hearing that! Especially for a full-timer, if it isn't right in the beginning, the best choice in my experience is to replace it.

    The other attorneys posting comments have done a nice job talking about the legal issues. It is, as they'd agree, vital that you hire an attorney experienced in this field so you have someone who can ensure that all your rights are protected and you get the best possible outcome. This should include getting your money back or a new MH, payment of your attorney's fees, and possibly substantial penalties (which can be as much as twice the value of the MH).

    But, as I always tell my friends and family when looking for an attorney, it is also a good idea to find someone who: (1) you can communicate with effectively and who understands your situation beyond being just another case or fee to be collected; (2) is prepared and able to go up against big companies for as long as necessary, and therefore can be as forceful as necessary, but who also understands that in the legal system aggressiveness should be applied when it is strategically or tactically appropriate. Being aggressive for the sake of being aggressive often drives up attorney's fees but undermines the fastest and best solution for the client. As my Dad used to say: "Working hard is important. Working smart is more important."

    Hope that helps. Good luck to you!


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  • Does this qualify as a retaliatory discharge?

    Anthony’s Answer

    Hello there. Sorry to hear about your situation. In what state do you live? (Attorneys are not allowed to give legal advice outside the states in which they practice.)

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