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Adam Joseph Rodriguez

Adam Rodriguez’s Answers

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  • My boyfriend was arrested in Hennepin County MN where he lives on a felony body-only warrant from Lincoln County.ARCHIVED

    Adam’s Answer

    If there is a hold out of hennepin they won't usually transport until the hennepin hold is lifted. But they do have transport him to the other county.

  • My girlfriend died suddenly and she said that she had a will, but I can't find it. What is the best way to track down a will?ARCHIVED

    Adam’s Answer

    If she prepared the will through an attorney then it should be fairly easy to track down. If she prepared it on her own then it may be difficult for you to track it down. Unfortunately, if this is the case all you can do is search her property if you are allowed to access it.

  • Open Container - what to expect as foreigner (costs, criminal record, other consequences)ARCHIVED

    Adam’s Answer

    Obviously, it is not the crime of the century and with good legal representation you may be able to get the matter dismissed or reduced to an infranction. Mistakes happen and the legal system generally understands that, but the only way they will is if you have an attorney that will explain your story. I'm not familier with the consquences in your specific county, however, from my experince you should be looking at fines only and bench probation as the worst possible consequence.

  • I need a good defense criminal lawyerARCHIVED

    Adam’s Answer

    You need to be careful in your selection of who is going to represent your daughter. You will need an attorney who is well versed in handling mental health related cases since your daughters criminal case seems to be intimatly intertwined with her mental health. Your daughter may have some defenses due to her mental state but those defenses can have a major impact on her life and you will want to someone with experince to be able explain that to her.

    As much as I can say not to worry, I'm sure you still will. But our court system does have mechanisms in place to help people just like your daughter, it will take time and if all goes correctly she may be able to regain her mental health.

  • If the real criminal is found years after I was found innocent, can I recover any losses?ARCHIVED

    Adam’s Answer

    What you may want to look into is sealing your arrest record if in fact you were ever arrestd in that matter. Unforuntly, it is not enough for a case to be dismised or for you to be found not guilty because a background check will reveal that you were arrested for that crime. There are mechanisims in place that will allow you to petition the court to have your arrest record sealed and ultimatly destroyed so that you no longer have any ties to that criminal matter. Contact a local attorney so that they may file a motion on your behalf.

  • What do i need to do my 11yr. Old daugther was rape and the police is taking long time in the processARCHIVED

    Adam’s Answer

    You can try to reach out to the district attorney's office. They will be part of the investigation at some point or perhaps they already are part of the investigative process.

  • Difference between ** committed a crime and convicted of a crime**

    Adam’s Answer

    Convicted of a crime means that that the trier of fact found you guitly or you plead either guilty or no contest to a specified crime. Im not sure what you mean by committed a crime?

  • Do I need a criminal defense attorney?ARCHIVED

    Adam’s Answer

    Unfortuntly, it sounds like your boyfriend is in need of experinced counsel. Romero motions are simply an invitation, inviting the judge to strike a persons strike prior. Those motions depend heavly on the nature of the persons latest offense and the nature of the persons strike prior. In addition, the length in time between offenses is also considered. Courts will also consider any postive things a perseon has done since bieng released from custody. You will want to provide his attorney any and all letters in support and any certificates or degrees he has recieved.

  • Frnd was pulled over for DUI. Was no read Miranda rights. When i was bailed out i didn't receive any paper work from police dep.ARCHIVED

    Adam’s Answer

    Miranda only applies to statements made while in "custody" and in response to police "interogation." Generally, Miranda does not apply to DUI investigative stops while the subject is on the side of the road. In terms of paperwork, Im not sure what you mean? All that subjects usually recieve is a notice to appear in court on a specificed date and a form regarding the DMV and your notice of a license supension.

  • 1. If an officer witnessed my crime, does he then still have to read my Miranda rights?ARCHIVED

    Adam’s Answer

    Miranda protects "in custody" statements only. The officer can tesitfy to what he actually observed but not to your statements if you were not mirandized or "in custody" at the time you made the statements.