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Susan S Han

Susan Han’s Answers

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  • What kind of connection is required between US and non US company, to be eligible for L1 visa?ARCHIVED

    Susan’s Answer

    You should consult with an experienced immigration attorney as to what qualifies as a "qualifying organization." A qualifying organization can be a branch, subsidiary, parent, or affiliate but you must show proof of how the companies are linked financially, owned, etc.

  • How many months my brother need to wait to apply again for tourist visa because he his family was denied this december 2 2014ARCHIVED

    Susan’s Answer

    There's technically no waiting period before applying again but you need to address the issues of why it was denied in the first place. You should consult with an immigration attorney to get advice on how to prepare a packet to present to the US embassy of the applicant's "strong ties" to his/her home country to ensure return to the home country after visiting the US.

  • May an individual travel while their petition is pending for label certification?ARCHIVED

    Susan’s Answer

    You may travel outside of the US but you will have to go to a US embassy to get a new H visa before returning to the US. H1 is a dual intent visa so it should not matter that you have a labor certification pending as long as your H-1B is valid. You should take the I-129 approval notice as well as a current employment letter to present to the US embassy.

  • Can someone sponsor himself when applying for a green card?

    Susan’s Answer

    Yes, you can use the intending immigrant's assets and the total value of the assets must equal at least 5 times the difference between the household income and the current poverty guidelines for the household size. You should review the instructions for the I-864 that can be found at In addition, your son and his spouse should consult with an attorney to make sure of assets eligibility and help your son through the green card process.

  • My friend who doesn't have anyone In USA But he is staying since 2007 so is it possible to get the work permit under Obama'sARCHIVED

    Susan’s Answer

    Does your friend have a US citizen or permanent resident child? Did your friend come to the US before his 16th birthday? Your friend should consult with an immigration attorney. You can also find the information regarding President Obama executive order at:

  • Can I use DNA test result and affidavit to apply for the Deferred Action For Parent Accountability (DAPA) when it's started nextARCHIVED

    Susan’s Answer

    It would be a good idea to do a DNA test as well as amend the birth certificate. You will also have to show that you have a relationship with the child (photos, paid bills, letter from biological mom, etc.). You should consult with an experienced immigration attorney to make sure you are eligible and assist you with DAPA.

  • Hello, I am helping my husband with the application for citizenship and I was wondering where do I send it to, by mail???ARCHIVED

    Susan’s Answer

    It depends on where you live and can find the info at If you live in CO, you send it to:
    P.O. Box 21251
    Phoenix, AZ 85036

    For Express Mail or courier deliveries, use the following address:

    Attn: N-400
    1820 E. Skyharbor Circle S
    Suite 100
    Phoenix, AZ 85034

  • Questions on i-485 formARCHIVED

    Susan’s Answer

    You would still use the last date you entered the US, and you can put the new I-94 number on the form.

  • Please I am granted asylum and I don't have i94 can I apply social security cad and what next after social security card thank..ARCHIVED

    Susan’s Answer

    You will not be issued a social security card without showing that you have been granted legal status in the US, so you would have to provide the documentation. If you have a work permit, the SSA will accept that.

  • EB 5 and TravelARCHIVED

    Susan’s Answer

    If your H-1B is valid, you can travel abroad as the H1 is a dual intent visa so you can be trying to obtain permanent residency. If you do not have a valid H visa in your passport, you will need to go to a US Embassy to get one before returning to the US.