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Richard Tanasi

Richard Tanasi’s Answers

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  • Will I be arrested and sent to jail?ARCHIVED

    Richard’s Answer

    The bottom line is you could be charged with the crime of attempt. Given the value of what was allegedly attempted to be taken, you could face misdemeanor charges. You may want to hire an attorney to contact the district attorney and city attorney office to determine whether there are charges pending against you.

  • What kind of lawyer or attorney do I need for my 21 year old daughter being charged of abduction?ARCHIVED

    Richard’s Answer

    If your daughter has been charged with a crime in Nevada, she will need a criminal defense attorney. If your daughter was acting under the threat of violence, she may have a defense of duress. See, NRS 194.010(7). Generally, NRS 194.010(7) states the following:

    "Persons, unless the crime is punishable with death, who committed the act or made the omission charged under threats or menaces sufficient to show that they had reasonable cause to believe, and did believe, their lives would be endangered if they refused, or that they would suffer great bodily harm."

    See, NRS 194.010(7).