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Kyle Wayne Wasser

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  • I need a quote for helping me file a I-130 form?ARCHIVED

    Kyle’s Answer

    We can't quote fees on Avvo. Are you sure you even need to file an I-130? If he's already a permanent resident, I don't think there would be any reason to file an I-130 since that is the first step in an application for family-based permanent residence.

  • Do I qualify to file concurrently under spousal adjustment of status?ARCHIVED

    Kyle’s Answer

    I agree with the other attorney's answers. The only thing that I would add is, at a minimum, do a formal consultation with a immigration attorney to make sure you do not any other issues with your adjustment. Hope you find this helpful!

  • Illegal immigrant and Marry with Green card holder (or US citizen)ARCHIVED

    Kyle’s Answer

    Go ahead and get married, but wait to file for permanent residence ("green card") until she has become a U.S. citizen, because the process will be much quicker. I say go ahead and get married if you are in love. ICE won't do anything to you just for getting married.

  • Do i need a civil lawyerARCHIVED

    Kyle’s Answer

    It sounds like you're being blackmailed. Save ALL communications and record phone calls if you can. I doubt that the "girl" exists at all. It sounds like a classic scam. Definitely don't pay the $500 or deactivate her cell phone because they'll just ask you for more money. But the "dad" can't put you in jail. Is he going to arrest you himself? The whole thing sounds like a scam, but . . .

    You may need a criminal defense attorney if charges are brought against you. Do NOT under any circumstances talk with the police about anything involved with the case without a competent defense attorney present. Trying to pay him off is DEFINITELY not going to make your situation better, and will likely make it worse. Make a copy of all of the communications, but do not show them to the police if they are called. I highly doubt that any of the story you were told is true. I also doubt that anything will come out of it, except that they have your dick pics now.

  • What kind of lawyer do I needARCHIVED

    Kyle’s Answer

    Call the police immediately. You may be able to recover against him for damages eventually, but your first step should be making a police report.

  • I am being accused of valuables and medication thefts and have been asked to take a polygraph test, I think I may need a lawyerARCHIVED

    Kyle’s Answer

    Yes, yes, yes, yes. You need an attorney. Congrats on realizing that this early in the process, many people don't realize until it's too late. Before you have ANY more conversations with law enforcement, hire an attorney. I have a great deal of respect for law enforcement, but they have one function in life: to put you in jail. A good defense attorney can prevent that from happening or minimize the consequences of a conviction.

  • Going from DACA to ResidentARCHIVED

    Kyle’s Answer

    If you currently have DACA, you may be able to apply for something called "Advanced Parole." As the other attorneys have said, you really need to talk to an attorney. Getting Advanced Parole can be extremely difficult and you've got to be careful in how you frame/explain your application. A consultation with an immigration attorney would be the best thing to do in your case.
    Also, a marriage-based application for permanent residence can be extremely complicated (much more complicated than DACA usually). It is in your best interest to consult with an attorney because they can help you with all aspects of your case.

  • What will happen? No rape kit just her statement. Lawyer told me to do a polyARCHIVED

    Kyle’s Answer

    As the other attorney's have said, under NO circumstances should you talk to the police or answering their questions without having an attorney present. Rape/Sexual assault convictions can have severe implications, including possibly being registered as a sex offender. Many criminal attorneys do consultations for free or cheap and it is well worth it to talk to one.

    Do NOT listen to claims from police officers that "getting a lawyer will make you look guilty" or anything similar. Police officers have one function in life: put you in jail. Every question that they ask is trying to make you admit potential evidence. They don't want you to have representation because it makes their jobs easier. An attorney can help you protect your rights and prevent officers from twisting an innocent statement.

  • How possible is it to get Form 918 supplement B signed in Arapahoe county, CO??

    Kyle’s Answer

    Getting a Supplement B signed by Arapahoe County can be difficult, but not impossible. If you are a victim of domestic violence, they are more likely to sign your Supplement B. If the case is still ongoing, I would contact an attorney IMMEDIATELY, as they do tend to sign Supplement B's if the case is still ongoing.

    I would definitely try to speak to an attorney on the matter because there are sometimes multiple routes for a Supplement B. Also, don't use an attorney who wants to charge you for the entire U-Visa application up front. Many attorneys (including myself) will only charge for the Supplement B request packet and then, if it is signed, move on to the U-Visa packet. It won't hurt anything to at least try to get the Supplement B signed and I would highly recommend that you try. Hope you find this helpful!

  • DO I have a chanceARCHIVED

    Kyle’s Answer

    I think this is a better question for Employment Law, so I am marking it as such.

    On to your question: likely, no, there is likely nothing that you can do to fight it. If you moved or incurred expenses based on their job offer, there is a tiny chance that you may have an action for promissory estoppel; however, it can be a very difficult and expensive lawsuit. You likely will only recover expenses, not get your job.

    It can be difficult to get a job with a record sometimes but keep trying! There are many people who I know personally who have a fairly serious criminal history and have been able to turn their life around and get work. Volunteering at non-profits/church/outreach programs really helps people know that you are really trying to be a good person and turn your life around. Plus, you can put it on your resume. Hope you find this helpful!