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Julie Renee Sparks

Julie Sparks’s Answers

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  • DACA recipient applying for adjustment of status. Immigration question.

    Julie’s Answer

    The answer depends on what you mean by "received" a DWI. You should take all of your criminal records to an immigration attorney for advice. A DWI conviction will hugely impact your DACA eligibility. For the adjustment, you need to go over your entries to the U.S. with an attorney to ensure that you can apply for your green card in the U.S.

  • Is the Chapter 2: Marriage and Martial Union for Naturalization for illegal immigrants married to US Citizens?

    Julie’s Answer

    Some good lawyers are expensive and other good lawyers are more affordable. Your husband will certainly need a waiver to return. Also, other things in his immigration background could mean he is not eligible at all or that he needs to waive additional grounds. If you don't obtain a lawyer now, you could be spending hundreds of dollars on filing fees without getting the result you want and need for your family.

  • Immigration?

    Julie’s Answer

    Unfortunately, the ten year bar (period during which she cannot return) began in 2012 when she departed. If she has or were to have a spouse or parent with a green card or citizenship, she would qualify to seek a waiver of the ten-year period and, if approved, return sooner. She will not be able to use you or any other children to qualify for the waiver.

  • Hello,

    Julie’s Answer

    While usually the filing fees cannot be waived on adjustment applications, asylum-based adjustments do allow for a fee waiver. It appears that you do qualify based on the amount in your post. You should consult with an attorney to ensure that you included the appropriate supporting documents and completed the waiver application correctly, choosing the correct legal basis for your particular case. There are three separate grounds for a fee waiver.