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Steve George Gebhardt

Steve Gebhardt’s Answers

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  • Violating probation 1st time.ARCHIVED

    Steve’s Answer

    Resisting Arrest is a Class A Misd with a possible sentence up to a 1 year in jail. Theft of service depends on the amount of the hot check. You facts sounds like a Class B misd. up to 180 days in jail. You need to be more concerned about being on a SJ felony than your Misd probation. A State Jail felony carries a 180 days up to 2 years in the SJ facility. SJ does not have parole, but they do have a relatively new diligent participation program to earn credit off your sentence.

  • I am 16 my boyfriend is 18 can my parents put him in jail?

    Steve’s Answer

    Once you turn 17 you are fine. However if you had a sexual relationship prior to turning 17 your boyfriend could be charged with a crime. A minor can't consent until they turn 17 YOA.

  • Does my fiance entitled to a bond?ARCHIVED

    Steve’s Answer

    Yes he is entitled to a bond. Often times the judge will require all his fees be current before a bond is set. That includes probation, district clerk, court costs etc.

  • How do background checks work if you are on Deffered Adjudication Probation?

    Steve’s Answer

    It will show you were arrested and a pending unadjudicated cases.

    Depending on the type of offense you are on you may never be able to get it expunged. You may however get it nondisclosed.

    Complete you probation so that you get it dismissed. Then you can contact an attorney about hiding it as best you can from a background search.

  • Can I get my speeding ticket dismissed and off my record in any way?ARCHIVED

    Steve’s Answer

    Of course. You always have an opportunity to get your speeding ticket dismissed. It is no guarantee but it is not impossible or rare that they get dismissed. You may have to do some things like defensive driving etc. But I would talk to a local traffic ticket attorney in Katy.

  • I don't know what I can doARCHIVED

    Steve’s Answer

    There is probably nothing you can do. I would be surprised if the terms of your registration changed while on probation. There is no such offense in Texas for a sex offender to only have to register while on probation. You either register for 10 years (which would end after 10 years have elapsed from the end of your probation or your incarceration should you get revoked) or a lifetime registration. You might just be mistaken or your previous attorney might not have explained your registration requirements as well as they should.

    Your duty to register is found in Chapter 62 of the Code of Criminal Procedure. Google it and you can see your offense you pled to and the term for which you will have to register.

    As a side note, don't put your head in the sand and not register because you are upset you know have to register for life. It is a third degree felony for failing to register as a sex offender.

  • What should I do about failure to yield right away ticket?ARCHIVED

    Steve’s Answer

    I think I understand what you have set out as the facts. You should probably hire an attorney b/c it sounds like you have some mitigating circumstances for your actions. Although you can always talk to the prosecutor on your own. Class C tickets for simple moving violations can be quite simple to handle. Maybe you will get lucky and get an understanding prosecutor to offer you a very short deferred adjudication.

    Good luck

  • My husband is being charged with Agg. Robbery can his charge be dropped to a lesser chargeARCHIVED

    Steve’s Answer

    Of course it can be dropped. It is at the discretion of the prosecutor. Depending on the facts of the case some lesser offenses of Aggravated Robbery would be Robbery - 2nd degree, theft - degree depends on value, Assaut BI - Class A misdemeanor.

    Even if the prosecutor is unwilling to reduce the charges depending on the proof at trial, these lesser offense can be given in the charge of the court that is given to the jury for purposes of deliberating guilt/innocence.

    Good luck,

  • He was on probation and had a mtr got set up and got charged with list below only thing he had on his person was gun

    Steve’s Answer

    Check the original conditions of probation. I am sure he has one of not possessing firearms. While may not necessarily be a crime, it can get your probation revoked seeing as it would be a technical violation.

    Despite not possessing the dope, depending on the circumstances of the case the State can charge him with possession. Care, custody, control, or management is possession. Besides often times the State will allege hanging around people of disreputable character as a violation of probation.

    Good luck.

  • If your 10 year probation deferred adjudication & has sex offender terms that include sex offender classes, how long are they?ARCHIVED

    Steve’s Answer

    In Tarrant County completing sex offender requirements on probation can take 3 years to complete. I would imagine Dallas would be similar.

    Anything is possible, you could go to a type of reporting by mail only if you completed all the terms of your probation, but with this type of offense I imagine a probation officer and judge may be hesitant to let you off a sex offender probation early even though it was reduced to an injury to a child.

    Good luck.