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Ryan Robert Bauerle

Ryan Bauerle’s Answers

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  • Can the opposing lawyer talk to judge by self hoping to change order that is in place?ARCHIVED

    Ryan’s Answer

    You will both need to abide by the current ruling until either you, your attorney, or the opposing attorney files a formal motion and sets a hearing to modify it. Just to be clear, your ex's attorney cannot simply "ask" the judge to change them without you present, without violating ethical rules. My best advice I can give you is to hire an attorney.

  • Is it a violation of the standard or any other law for a noncustodial parent to alter the child's look against the child wishes?ARCHIVED

    Ryan’s Answer

    You can go to Court, and your attorney can help you. I represented a client with this issue. The judge enjoined the other parent from altering the child's physical appearance (including hair), so depending on your judge, you may have a solution. You need to emphasize the impact it has on the child, or it will sound silly. Consider getting a therapist to testify on the effects it has on the child.

  • Cps is harassing me, what can I do?

    Ryan’s Answer

    You have no obligation to speak to them. Ultimately you have a choice to make - ignore them, or work with them. Without knowing the details, its hard to say which course of action to take. Hiring an attorney is the best way to put a stop to it.

  • Temporary order failed?ARCHIVED

    Ryan’s Answer

    The Order will remain in place until either a Final Trial, or a further temporary order of the Court. You should consult an attorney who can help you modify/vacate the Temporary Orders,

  • How can I get custody ASAPARCHIVED

    Ryan’s Answer

    Consult an attorney immediately. Most likely your attorney will file a Petition to Modify the current order and set it for a Temporary Orders hearing, and the attorney will help you gain custody of your child, and to stop you from paying child support (and to order the mother to pay you support since you would have custody). Y

  • Is it illegal to refuse a mothers request for a well che that reside in another state when you truly believe something is wrongARCHIVED

    Ryan’s Answer

    Illegal? No, not likely. I would contact and work with CPS (or their counterparts in whatever state you are referencing) and follow any recommendations they have. I would also consult an attorney, you may be entitled to a TRO if the child is in danger.

  • How can I relinquish my rights? How much could it be? ARCHIVED

    Ryan’s Answer

    Relinquishing your rights isn't really that simple. Many people think you can simply sign a document, file it with the Court, and it's over. However, the Courts will typically want someone to step up and adopt the child. If these relatives want to formally adopt your child, that would work. However, depending on the jurisdiction, the Court may require a guardian ad litem/attorney ad litem to do an investigation beforehand. Either way, you still need Court approval. I would contact an attorney if that is what you really want to do.

  • Do I file a counterpetition with an answer to ask for more child support? How likely is the judge to accept for a new trial?ARCHIVED

    Ryan’s Answer

    It all depends if proper service as effected. If we has not properly served, then he will probably prevail. If he was properly served, he has a more difficult task. Still, getting the judgment set aside is by no means automatic. There are certain things he must show to the Court in order for it to grant the Motion for New Trial. Depending on the circumstances of your case, he may be ordered to pay your legal fees (if any) that your incurred in obtaining the default judgment. If you have not already, you need to consult an attorney who can help you navigate this situation.