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David C. Frangos

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  • My child is 13 and hasnt seen his father since 2017 and know wants to get him for Christmas what should i do?

    David’s Answer

    To answer your question, more information is needed. As every family law matter is fact-specific, therefore it is impossible to give you legal advice without first learning more about the situation. If you would like to discuss further, please contact my office at 317-245-3707 to schedule a free consultation.

  • I have 2 level 6 felony can I get a carry permit in indiana??

    David’s Answer

    No, you will not be able to get a permit. With a felony record your are not considered a “proper person.” If you meet the requirements for expungement you can expunge your record and then restore yourself to a “proper person.” At that point you should be able to obtain a per

    You can learn more by going to

  • Expungement petition for indiana 1 year later everything dismissed and dropped

    David’s Answer

    It sounds like you may be eligible for an expungement. To start that process you will need to Petition the Court that originally heard your case. There are many pitfalls to properly executing an expungement, I highly recommend you hire an Attorney who specializes in expungements. You can also learn more by going to

  • How to get felony expudged in Indiana ?

    David’s Answer

    Eligibility to expunge a criminal record depends on the type of felony and the circumstances surrounding the conviction. A couple of issues I frequently encounter are clients who still owe restitution or did not pay the court fees, probation fees, etc. Those types of problems will hold up an expungement.

    You can do an expungement on your own, but I highly discourage from doing that. A qualified attorney will make sure the expungement is completed correctly, and that all of your rights are properly reinstated (i.e., restored to a proper person.) An expungement of a criminal conviction in Indiana is a once in a lifetime allowance, and one you want done right.

    You can learn more by going to:

  • I am 43 years old married was raised by my stepdad and would like to know if he could still adopt me now ?

    David’s Answer

    Joel is correct. Adult adoption is pretty straightforward and happens more often than you would think. You can learn more about the process at:

    Though a relatively straightforward process, as Joel said, you should use an experienced attorney to help you navigate the process.

  • What forms are necessary to petition for adoption of an adult in Marion County?

    David’s Answer

    You are required to file a Verified Petition for Adoption with the proper court. Then a hearing is held at which time your stepdaughter must testify that she does in fact want to be adopted by you. Not an overly complicated process but one in which I do recommend you use an attorney to complete. You can read more about adult adoption at my blog;

  • Am I allowed to apply for a gun permit (In Indiana)? ?

    David’s Answer

    If your record was expunged in Indiana and you are applying for an Indiana gun license through the State Police, the answer should be “No.” Make sure the state police have your expungement on file. You can email a copy to them.

  • Can I sue the school transportation?c

    David’s Answer

    This sounds like a serious matter. I suggest you seek legal counsel to assist you in navigating this issue. Hopefully your daughter is ok?

  • Why do you need an attorney for an adult adoption

    David’s Answer

    You are never required to use an attorney, however, to ensure you correctly complete the process it is best that you do. An adult adoption is not overly complicated, but there are a few steps and documents that must be filed. There will also be a hearing in which the adoptee will be required to consent to the adoption "in open court." You can learn more about the process by going to

  • What is the divorce process?

    David’s Answer

    Getting a divorce does not cause you to lose your parental rights. If you have been exercising parenting time the court will take that into consideration when ordering a final decree.

    The steps to getting a divorce are pretty straight forward. The father can file a verified petition for dissolution with the court. If she does not dispute the petition, they can complete the divorce through a final decree filed with the court (after 60 days). Part of the divorce decree should also be a robust and complete parenting plan and child support agreement.

    I recommend you use an attorney to complete these steps. Doing it right the first time, especially the parenting plan, will save you hard ache and money later.