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Kristine Hanratty Reed

Kristine Reed’s Answers

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  • If I am a guardian my adult son, if he breaks the law or steals from someone, will I be held accountable for his actions?

    Kristine’s Answer

    A guardian does not become personally responsible for the debts or actions of their ward (the person they have guardianship over). In fact, if an adult has a guardian, in most instances that adult would not be able to enter into a legally enforceable contract. What a guardianship will do is allow the guardian to have access to information and assist the ward in ways that they otherwise would not be able to if the ward faced a civil or criminal issue. As always, many factors should be considered when determining whether a guardianship application should be filed and I encourage your family to consult with an experienced attorney who is familiar with the local probate court and process. Best of luck with this difficult situation.

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