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Bobbie Corley O'Keefe

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  • I’ve been married for 71/2 years am I entitled to any of his annuity or pension from his union

    Bobbie’s Answer

    Hello, you could very well be able to share in your husband's annuity and/or pension; however, you really do need legal advice specific to your case. I would agree with the previous attorney's general statements. The name on an asset or debt does not dictate how that asset or debt will be divided. In the main, marital property and debts are often divided equally, but there are exceptions to everything and a person's individual circumstances musto be analyzed before legal advice can be given. That is why it's important to consult with an experienced divorce attorney. Even doing a consultation before someone makes a final decision to divorce is a good idea. People typically make better decisions once they are fully informed of all of the factors involved in ending a marriage. In addition, people who are considering divorce have so many options available to them today without having to start with filing an action in court. Those options can be far less expensive, take less time and are not nearly as adversarial as a full-blown divorce.

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