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Andrew Daniel Street

Andrew Street’s Answers

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  • Do we have a case if the front air bags do not deploy in a hard front collision?

    Andrew’s Answer

    If you sustained injuries that would have otherwise been prevented with proper airbag deployment, you may have a case.

  • What legal document or petitions do I need to file for a tpr and adoption?

    Andrew’s Answer

    This is a high stakes and complicated legal proceeding. You will need an attorney to handle it.

  • Can the family home be given to more than one caregiving child?

    Andrew’s Answer

    If you're referring to general law regarding the transfer or deed of a home, then yes, the home can be deeded to all 3 where each would own 1/3.

    If you're referring to the Medicaid/Tenncare regulations where under certain circumstances a home can be deeded to a caregiver child without being sought after by Tenncare, then this is a highly technical area of law and it would be important to understand the exact details of your situation before answering.

  • What can I do if my sister won't sell our inherited property?

    Andrew’s Answer

    Both of the previous attorneys have answered your question correctly. You have the right to force a sale thought a court-supervised proceeding (partition). The property is sold at auction and the proceeds split between you and your sister after court costs, attorneys fees, and a commission for the auctioneer are paid. In the alternative, you can threaten a partition suit and try to persuade your sister to buy out your interest.

  • Can someone claim adverse possession against your property and leave you to continue paying taxes on it?

    Andrew’s Answer

    If the HOA will not accept the deed, you will need to bring a boundary dispute action against the HOA. Either they will accept the deed and become responsible for the taxes, or the property will be determined to belong to you, and some other remedy will be necessary.

  • Can I file a lawsuit against my landlord for unjust enrichment, unlawful eviction, harassment, etc. ?

    Andrew’s Answer

    The lease will determine the answer to most of your questions. When was the term of the lease set to expire? From you description, it sounds like the Landlord breached the lease. However, it would be necessary to consider all the facts.

  • What am I suppose to do

    Andrew’s Answer

    Return the extra $250 that doesn't belong to you. Read the terms and conditions of the Simple software and see what they say.

  • How to get my eight of money from my grandmas house, cause im a heir, the other siblings gifted their part, but I'm not gonna

    Andrew’s Answer

    Assuming what you say is correct, you already own 1/8 of the house. You can file an action to partition the house to collect your share. This would probably involve selling the house and splitting the proceeds. Of course, if your uncle wants to keep the house, he will probably purchase it or else pay you your share to settle the partition action.

    You must factor in legal costs and the fact that you are only entitled to 1/8 when evaluating how much you may be entitled to.

  • Do we need an attorney after spouse dies with no will?

    Andrew’s Answer

    How much debt did he owe? This may determine whether creditors will insist on opening a probate estate. If the debt is relatively small, then a probate proceeding may never be opened, and, from the facts you have presented, your mother will likely be okay. However, this depends on the details. It may be worth having an attorney look at your specific situation.

  • My landlord has been notified several times about or current living situation and has offer not resolution

    Andrew’s Answer

    Your landlord has a duty to maintain the premises in such a condition as to prevent the accumulation of moisture and the growth of mold. If your landlord is violating this duty, you may have a variety of options, including terminating your lease, forcing your landlord to make the required repairs or pay money damages, or other private workout arrangements. Your best course of action depends on specific facts, so you should speak with an attorney.