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Candace B Peeples

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  • My brother finally got a divorce he does not know when it will be final it has took him 3 years to get divorced he wants to get

    Candace’s Answer

    Not sure I completely understand your question. I am not sure how the court could make the effective date May 23rd (since that has not even happened yet) -- Today is May 3rd. Generally though, a person can't remarry for sixty days from the date that the judge "signs the final judgment of divorce". Neither party can remarry for a period of sixty (60) days from the date that the divorce becomes final. Check the papers one more time and look at the date right above where the Judge signed off. Its always better safe than sorry though, so if there are two dates and your just not sure, go with waiting on the later date. This way there will be no problems. Good luck!

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