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Claudeth Jannerine Henry

Claudeth Henry’s Answers

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  • How do I go about finding an Erisa lawyer in Florida.. 33408

    Claudeth’s Answer

    As you may already have found out ERISA litigation is a specialized area of law and not all attorneys are equipped to handle them. There are however, several of us out here. Start by doing a goole search for Florida ERISA disability insurance lawyer. You may want to narrow the area a little to locate ERISA lawyer closer to your home. Since this is a Federal Law you are not limited to attorneys in FL. You may want to consider someone in PA as well. If you are unable to locate attorney you are comfortable with, I have a few collagues in south FL who handles ERISA disability claims and would be glad to connect you.
    Good luck

  • Can a Long Term Disability Ins. Company reduce your benefits if you are collecting a state diability?

    Claudeth’s Answer

    The answer to your question can be found in your disability insurance policy. Most group disability insurance policy have a provision that allows the carrier to offset income derived from other source. Typically, they will offset Social Security Disabiity Benefits, disability pension benefits where your employer contributed to the pension plan, workers compensation benefits where the work injury causes the disability, among others. Since your policy governs you will need to get your disability insurance policy and the SPD from your employer. Review the section on other income benefits to see if state disability is listed among the benfits subject to offset. Good Luck