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Jared Francis Bossola

Jared Bossola’s Answers

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  • Passenger injury claim when I got rear-ended.ARCHIVED

    Jared’s Answer

    Florida is a No-Fault state, which would require you to use your own insurance to cover the medical bills and lost wages, up to an amount of $10,000.00. The monetary recovery for pain and suffering comes from the liability coverage of the person who caused the accident.

  • The florida statute describing the punishment for lying to a pawn brokerARCHIVED

    Jared’s Answer

    Due to the limited facts, please call Jared F. Bossola at (954) 357-3456 to further discuss your questions. Things necessary to determine are:
    1. Is the accused a prior convicted felon?
    2. Was the accused selling (attempting to sell) stolen property?
    3. What was the accused "lying" about?
    4. Why was a drug test taken of the accused?
    5. When was the drug test provided by the accused?
    6. Who administered the drug test?
    Please contact Jared F. Bossola to further discuss your question. He can be reached at (954) 357-3456.