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Charlotte Angie Erdmann

Charlotte Erdmann’s Answers

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  • What means (legal or otherwise) are available to have the IRS address a shortfall in a refund received in 2021 for 2020 taxes.

    Charlotte’s Answer

    I have seen this happen a bunch of times. The best way is to call them and have them properly adjust the accounts. It can take a long while. Or you can have an attorney reach out to them. While you "Can" file a form 843 claim for refund, that could take just as long to process, if not longer then getting on the phone with them.

  • Should I resend my IRS files?

    Charlotte’s Answer

    You can check the IRS where is my refund button on but chances are they are just delayed. It is taking about 9 months to process paper returns right now. I would also suggest creating an account on and looking at your account transcript to see if the return has been received, just not processed. I would hold off on filing a duplicate return for now. If you eventually feel the need to "file again," include a cover letter and notate that the return is file as a possible duplicate return.

  • How much will I have to pay in taxes for the sale of my mobile home?

    Charlotte’s Answer

    When you inherited the home, you received a step up in basis at the date of her death (unless a 6 month alternative valuation is used). If you sold it immediately for FMV, you will have zero gain. So how do you report all this. You receiving the home is not taxable because it is an inheritance. As stated above, you receive a step up in basis. Now when you sold the home, you MUST report that transaction on your tax return. Again, there should be very little gain, if at all. Regarding the gift of half to mom....Your mom receives a gift and pays no tax on a gift. However, you, as the gifter, must file a gift tax return and report the amount over 15K that is given to mom and claim the lifetime exemption. No tax will be due but YOU still need to file a return. Please hire an accountant for this.

  • Do I need to report a money gift to IRS?

    Charlotte’s Answer

    Where is your mother living? Assuming she is a US person, she can gift up to 15K per person per year without reporting. A gift for the receiver is not income and is not reported on the form 1040. If your mom is a US person, then she would file an IRS form 709. There would not be gift tax due but she would still need to file the form and use a part of her lifetime exemption which is in the millions. If you mother is a non US person, then there are different filing thresholds.

  • How do I proceed when my former employee hasn’t given me my w2 and it’s the end of February

    Charlotte’s Answer

    Remind them of their duty to send you the w2. ask them to scan it and email to you. Can you go by their office?

    You can also request a wage and income transcript from the IRS but there is no way in knowing whether the w2 will show up on that transcript yet.

  • What document should my joint-sponsor submit with form I-864 to show his income in 2019?

    Charlotte’s Answer

    2019 tax return is not yet due. He will likely need to include his 2017 and 2018 returns but he can also submit his last paystubs from December of 2019 as that would show his year to do income.

  • Am I personally liable to pay late filing penalty for an 1120s?

    Charlotte’s Answer

    I agree with Mr. Gleason. You filed the tax return too close to when the bankruptcy was filed under the bankruptcy rules so you can be held personally liable for those pesky late filing penalties. BUT, depending on the facts of your case, you may be able to have those penalties abated.

  • Do I have to tell the IRS I am married on my taxes if I would have planned to file separately anyway?

    Charlotte’s Answer

    You must be honest when you file your taxes since they are filed under penalties of perjury. That being said, you can file married filing jointly or married filing separately.

  • Can the irs take my inheritance?

    Charlotte’s Answer

    It depends. If you and your husband filed taxes as married filing jointly than you also owe those taxes and are at risk. It also depends how your mother's will or trust is written and whether the assets are being left to you or to both of you. If she doesn't have a will or trust and they pass intestate or if they bypass those laws and rules because of the way the assets are titled, then you may be safe depending on how the assets are titled, whether the taxes were jointly filed, etc.

  • Separation of Liability relief?

    Charlotte’s Answer

    To confirm, I am assuming you also filed married filing jointly for 2017. Whether you qualify for innocent spouse relief depends on more facts that those listed here but innocent or some kind of equitable relief may be available.