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Jeffrey David Morris

Jeffrey Morris’s Answers

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  • Can i sue my former employer for personal injury that happened on the job and by him?

    Jeffrey’s Answer

    I am sorry to hear about your accident. You cannot per se "sue" your employer for negligence. Workers Compensation would be your exclusive remedy more likely than not. If your boss has 4 or more employees then he subject to the South Carolina Worker's Compensation Act. If he is subject to the Act, but does not have coverage then you can go against the uninsured fund. I would not just "trust" he does not provide workers comp as an answer. I would recommend contacting an experienced work injury lawyer about your case.

  • What can be done if I have been fully released from doctor but still having problems?

    Jeffrey’s Answer

    You need to discuss this with your attorney. You should consider an IME and or returning to the treating physician before settling your case.

  • Will I get a settlement if I haven't received payment from Workers Comp. I was injured at work and there is a claim.

    Jeffrey’s Answer

    You should receive a settlement for your injuries based on disability. A doctor assigns an "impairment" rating, but impairment for one person does not mean the same disability as another person. Disability is more determined on restrictions and impairment coupled with job responsibilities. If the doctor has you working on restrictions, but you are not healing then I would explore why the doctor is not taking you out work in order to speed up your healing process. I would advise you consider seeking counsel at this point in the case.

  • How much can I get off my car accident ?

    Jeffrey’s Answer

    The answer depends on many factors including the insurance coverage of the at-fault vehicle, your insurance coverage if the at-fault driver is underinsured, medical records, pre-existing conditions, permanent impairment and the extent of liability. Other unknown factors at this time are jurisdiction (where the case can be filed) and whether any conduct by the at-fault driver would lead to a potential punitive damages recovery.

    You need to seek the advice of an experienced South Carolina injury lawyer prior to taking any money from any source. Good luck moving forward and wish you all the best with your medical recovery.

  • Will I be extradited to South Carolina from Florida for missing a traffic court date?

    Jeffrey’s Answer

    Generally, in South Carolina, you will be found guilty in your absence. Once found guilty, you could pay the fine online or theoretically, face the "jail sentence." It would be highly unlikely that you would be extradited for a traffic ticket conviction, but it is possibly in theory. Your best course of action would be to fight the ticket or pay the fine.

  • Can I sue the owner and the person driving car ?

    Jeffrey’s Answer

    This can be a common issue in South Carolina. The insurance company registered with the DMV is not always the active insurance carrier. Furthermore, many times, at fault parties provide the responding officer with an out of date insurance card not on purpose but through lack of awareness. However, even if there is not insurance on the at-fault vehicle, you should have uninsured motorist coverage as it is mandatory coverage in South Carolina. I recommend reaching out to an experienced South Carolina lawyer as to the specifics about your case to better determine a potential outcome. My office handles motor vehicle accidents in the pee dee region. Good luck going forward.

  • How can I fight a wrongfully denied claim in a car accident case?

    Jeffrey’s Answer

    I am sorry to hear of your unfortunate accident. If you have the witness statement, it should make your liability case much much better should you get a lawyer involved. Generally, insurance adjusters and carriers do not do the right things until you get counsel involved. Even then, they do not necessarily do the right thing. I am local to Myrtle Beach and would be happy to help. Good luck moving forward.

  • Multiple cars in crash - who's at fault to pay for my injuries?

    Jeffrey’s Answer

    In South Carolina it could be the vehicle that started the collision and or the other vehicle depending on the exact scenario. As a passenger in the vehicle, you would more likely than not be entitled to your portion of the liability coverage from one or both vehicles that caused the accident. You then may be entitled to the underinsured insurance coverage from the vehicle you were riding in. If your injuries and or medical bills are still not covered, you then may be entitled to reach back to an at home vehicle of yours and receive that underinsured coverage. All of these scenarios depend on the facts of the case, the insurance available in the case as some of these mentioned are optional coverages and first and foremost, the extent of your injuries. You should seek the advise of a personal injury attorney immediately before dealing with any of the insurance companies involved. Most such as myself provide a free consultation for car accidents.

  • Rear-ended at 40 miles per hour by a driver that has insurance but is excluded off the policy

    Jeffrey’s Answer

    In South Carolina, drivers can lawfully be excluded from an auto policy. However, there are certain steps and requirements that must be followed in order for it to be a proper exclusion. You should seek counsel as soon as possible in order to learn your rights for the specific facts in your case.

  • How long is normal to wait for a non at fault vehicle liability conclusion?

    Jeffrey’s Answer

    From May to August is certainly unreasonable for a liability carrier to delay payment for vehicle damage. However, the insurance company may be taking the position that your daughter contributed to the collision and or was at fault for the collision. Some insurance carriers take this position even when the traffic collision report states you are not at fault. I would advise contacting an attorney who handles property damage claims in South Carolina and or filing an arbitration for property damage in the County where the wreck occurred. However, the fastest way to get your vehicle taken care of is to file it under your comprehensive coverage. You would be required to pay your deductible.