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Asi Botwe Jackson

Asi Jackson’s Answers

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  • Can I handle a dui case in North Carolina without appearing. I had to move to Pennsylvania.

    Asi’s Answer

    Hi there, it depends on how you want to dispose of it. Different counties here in NC have varyious policies on waiving appearance in DWI cases. Your attorney may be able to appear for you on several court dates, but ultimately you may have to appear in court. I would suggest you hire an attorney in the county where the DWI is pending, so that you will know what your options are.

  • How can i move my case from superior court back down to District court?

    Asi’s Answer

    Hi there. You can move to withdraw your appeal & remand the case back to district court. If the Superior Court Allows the motion, you may still have superior court costs attached, as well as district court costs.
    Also, withdrawing the appeal and remanding to district court does not vacate the guilty plea. There will be a re-sentencing/new sentencing on your guilty plea in district court.

  • If I have a warrant out for my arrest, how will I be notified, or even know that I have a warrant?

    Asi’s Answer

    First, good for you for seeing the light & disassociating from the bad crew. You can always call the clerks office in the county where you think the warrant is and ask them. Law enforcement may try to contact you. If you have an active warrant, they will also show up to your job, house or where they think you are & arrest you. Retain an attorney if you can that can assist you in this. And lastly, stay away from the bad crew.

  • Inpatient treatment instead of active jail time for NC DWI Level 2 conviction?

    Asi’s Answer

    That is very possible. However, you may need to have a lawyer get the case put back in court, to ask the judge to order that. Because oftentimes probation officers will be hesitant to do this without approval from the court. The NC statutes allows Judges to substitute active jail time for in-patient treatment.

  • Next steps for a drug charge?

    Asi’s Answer

    There may be options for dismissal. You should contact a local attorney in Raleigh to help you. Yes you could lose your job, so don't take the charges lightly. Good luck with it.

  • Can I have a speeding ticket (22mph over) reduced to improper equipment in Wake county?

    Asi’s Answer

    Hi there,

    To answer your initial question, no that will not be reduced to IE in Wake County. You need to hire a traffic attorney to help you with the ticket to minimize any effect on your license and insurance.

  • How can I get an old traffic ticket taken care of ?

    Asi’s Answer


    You should hire a local attorney in the county where it happened. He or she may be able to get it dismissed, since it is a non-moving violation and it is an old case. Good luck with it.

  • What are the consequences?

    Asi’s Answer

    If you are convicted of it, it can affect you going to the next level with your license. If you are a minor, you need to tell your parents and/or try to hire a lawyer. Dont try to handle it on your own. Something more than likely can be done, but you need a lawyer. Good luck with the case.

  • How much evidence is needed to obtain a warrant?

    Asi’s Answer

    The police could have more evidence against you other than he say she say. You need to retain an attorney so that you can be served with the warrants & begin your defense against these charges. Your attorney may be able to resolve this favorably for you.

  • Probation told my son he no longer was on probation but still has to pay it why?

    Asi’s Answer

    Hi. Your son should contact his attorney in the case. Usually when probation is terminated, the Judge will address any monies owed, by 1) waiving them or sometimes 2) making the monies a judgment against the probationer.
    In any event, his attorney will be able to explain more of what happened.