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Mark Lawrence French

Mark French’s Answers

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  • Me and my ex husband has shared 50 50 custody, how do i file and get Emergency custody of my child?

    Mark’s Answer

    You really have a few options. First, if there is immediate risk of harm, you can go to magistrate court and file for a domestic violence restraining order. From what you've said, this does not appear the be the case. The other best option you have is to file a motion with family court, most likely a petition for contempt, based upon the language in the custody/divorce order. Regardless, you need to speak with an attorney.

  • How do I get my employee records from a Coal Company I had worked for years ago ?

    Mark’s Answer

    If the company is still in business, they have a duty to keep payroll records for a certain period of time. I'm not sure off the top of my head what that would be. Your better option might be to ask for your social security file. I would suggest speaking with an attorney who is familiar with this area of law.

  • What to do if hotel employee let's another guest in and they steal your money jewelry and clothes.

    Mark’s Answer

    your question is too confusing to answer. If you have personal property stolen from your room by an employee of the hotel, that's one question. If you were asked to keep property for someone else, that's a different question. Regardless, this is not an employment law question.

  • Can cps keep investigating after 9 months because of a prescribed medication ?

    Mark’s Answer

    While CPS does have a duty to be vigilant, they also must follow state laws and statutes. If they are continuing a pattern of abuse and humiliation, without any substantive facts to support their actions, they might be violating the very law that allow them to do their work. in all likelihood their actions are legal based upon what you've stated, but if they start taking actions beyond what you've stated, you might be entitled to some relief. Call an experienced WV attorney if CPS starts making threats, etc.

  • Is there any way i can post pone my ship date until after highschool and is there any advice you could give me on this subject?

    Mark’s Answer

    There is no legal answer to your question. However, having spent 7 years in the WV Air National Guard myself, i would suggest you speak with your recruiter first. If that doesn't help, speak with you immediate supervising NCO (non-commissioned officer). Then i would go up the chain of command to the officer in charge of your unit, and also try to speak with someone in personnel. Whatever you do, do not step on anyone's toes by going over someone's head to their boss without speaking with them first and getting permission.

    Unfortunately, a lot of ship out dates are based upon unit need and training spot availability. Guard units are allocated a certain number of training spots in a given time frame and if they aren't used then the Guard unit will sometimes forfeit those training slots. It really depends on the specialty your going in to.

    Good luck and enjoy basic training.

  • Can a person take my picture while I am at work?

    Mark’s Answer

    The other answer is 100% correct. if you were sleeping in a designated sleeping area then no, but it sounds like you were sleeping in an area that can be accessed by other employees/public. If that is the case, then taking your picture is not illegal.

  • Can i be convicted of dui if i was not in the vehicle and keys out of ignition

    Mark’s Answer

    I would only add that you need to speak to an attorney asap and discuss the deferral program in WV.

  • My daughter is 15 her boyfriend is 17 and they've had sex can I prosecute him?

    Mark’s Answer

    Whether your daughter is 25 or 15, having sex with a 17 year old in WV is legal, unless there is some fiduciary relationship, like she is his teacher or caretaker.

    The age of consent in WV is 16, or within 4 years of age of each other. So, if she's 25 she having sex with a 17 year old who is of the age of consent. If she's 15, she is within 4 years age of her boyfriend and the sex would be legal.

    And you cannot prosecute him. Only the prosecuting attorney can do that and i'm pretty sure they would not go forward on the facts you have presented here.

  • Is there a statute of limitations on absconding from parole?

    Mark’s Answer

    If you haven't already, do not abscond. I'm reasonably sure there is no statute of limitations in WV for absconding, although i have not researched that issue in a very long time.

    So, just do the time. That's your best bet.

  • I was caught at a dollar store shoplifting gave the stuff back $20 of items and she was calling cops so I ran.

    Mark’s Answer

    First, I would suggest not returning the that store. Ever or at least for a long long while. Other than that, all you can do is wait. Do not call the police to see if there is warrant for your arrest, do not tell anyone about this incident other than close trusted friends, and even then i would be reticent to do so. If you have any luck at all, this will blow over and be forgotten. But if you are arrested or charged, do not speak to the police. Ask for a lawyer immediately. Good luck.