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Elliot Alan Kolodny

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  • Please define in medical terms “catastrophic”.

    Elliot’s Answer

    I'm not certain why the particular classification of your injury is important to you. Is there some threshold you're trying to reach for some reason?

    An ankle fracture can be extremely serious and life altering. In June I settled a case for over one million dollars that started with an ankle injury that required surgery. Unfortunately for my client her condition worsened and she need additional surgeries including the implantation of a spinal cord stimulator to help with pain relief and an ankle fusion. She's not even 30 and several of her problems are now permanent. Her injury makes it impossible to for her to continue with her occupation. Obviously her ankle fracture was catastrophic.

    The bottom line is this. It sounds like your injury is severe. Whether it is "catastrophic" depends upon your definition. If you are wondering whether your injury is serious enough to justify a medical malpractice suit you should contact me or someone like me; an attorney who actually handles medical malpractice cases. Not someone who is merely going to refer you to someone else.

    Every case involving a major injury is unique. You need and deserve any attorney who is willing to put in the time looking at your specific issues.

    -Good Luck,

    Elliot Kolodny

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