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Posted over 5 years ago.

The GOA undercover tests at 15 for profit colleges found that 4 colleges encouraged fraudulent practices and that all 15 made deceptive or otherwise questionable satament to GAO's undercover applicants.See GAO undercover testing, report on August 4, 2010. Attorney Mccall have been contacted but have not get back as of today. Jimmie

Todd Bruce Kotler
Todd Bruce Kotler, Education Law Attorney - North Canton, OH
Posted over 5 years ago.

Does the GAO report include your college?

Christine C McCall
Christine C McCall, Lawyer - Pasadena, CA
Posted over 5 years ago.

Dear Jimmie:

This note is in response to your voicemail message. I responded previously to your email, but perhaps Avvo did not forward my previous email response to you?

My law firm can assist you in obtaining a California Pharmacy Technician license, but we would not be the right attorney to represent you in bringing an action against Everest College for any refund of tuition payments or for damages for misrepresentation as to the utility of the program. As I noted in my response to your question published on Avvo, I do not believe that there is a sound basis for recovery against the College based on your statement of the facts, and California's Rules of Professional Responsibility prohibit attorneys from bringing legal actions that they do not believe to be meritorious.

There is nothing in the law that prohibits you from utilizing one law firm or attorney to pursue your license and another to pursue your tuition and/or damages claims against the school. But that option may cost you more money in fees in the long run as both attorneys or firms will necessarily step through some of the same facts. In all events, there is a much shorter window of time in which you may sue the College than in which you must make application for your occupational license, so I would encourage you to look carefully at that course and consult with other counsel about that potential claim in the very near term.

My law firm represents professional and occupational licensees and applicants before California's licensing authorities, including the Pharmacy Board. We bill for attorney services at $250.00 per hour and we work against an initial retainer of $7500.00, payable at the time we undertake the case. We take cases only where we believe that the license is or should be obtainable so we require a personal interview to explore that issue before we make a formal representation agreement. If you would like to schedule a personal interview for that purpose, please reply by email and we will contact you with the first available appointment time.

Thank you for your interest in License Advocates Law Group LLP.

Christine McCall