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Posted over 5 years ago.

Mr. Powers, could the posiblilty be that there has not been a formal "charge"? I went to work the next day and paid the workers. what makes me wonder is if the police report was taken that night, would that be the reason why it just shows on the warrant search under the Sherrif's Department of Mecklenburg? I am just afraid to ask because even thought I know I'm 100% innocent, I don't want to get arrested or pay any bonds or attorneys and all that stuff. I also want to travel overseas but I'm afraid to do it, if it doesn't come on on backround checks, or even police of other states, it won't come up in customs either right?

F. "Bill" William Powers
F. "Bill" William Powers, Criminal Defense Attorney - Charlotte, NC
Posted over 5 years ago.

well, need more information and wouldn't want any of your personal information on the web /