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Posted over 5 years ago.

I've read that people are extradited on case by case situations due to some states not wanting to spend money and the overall severity of the offence. In your opinion because this is a felony dwi you are certain she will be extradited back to arkansas? She has never hurt anyone but she does have a history of failures to appears. This is her 4th dwi. She has a big problem with drinking. Do you think she could enter a program instead of going to jail?

Max A. Keller
Max A. Keller, DUI / DWI Attorney - Minneapolis, MN
Posted over 5 years ago.

I am not certain of anything, nor can anyone else ever be. However, That is correct that costs plays a role in extradition decisions, balanced against the severity of the offense, etc. She will definitely need to go to treatment if that what's you mean by a "program," but that is not necc'ly a substitute for jail.