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Posted over 5 years ago.

I have gone through hell with this procedure. I had to change doctors to get someone to listen, I had clotting, messed up my clothes at work twice, pelvic and back pain, BV infections, heavy bleeding, headaches and 3 surgeries. I had this done in 2008 and within a week I started having trouble. I ended up pregnant had to get an abortion(didn't want anymore children). The same doctor ended up removing both fallopian tubes in September 2009 and supposedly removed the coils. I still complained of severe pain before and after my cycle. I only had 1 good week a month. The doctor kept trying to give me more pills and we tried everything. He stated that it was not the Essure procedure. I didn't have any menstrual problems prior to the procedure. I changed doctors in February 2010 and I finally got him to approve a hysterectomy in June of 2010 but by them my insurance had been exhausted. I had to wait until 2011. In May 2011 I had my uterus and cervix removed leaving my ovaries. In July 2011 I started having painful periods again. Started complaining to my doc again and I just had another surgery on 10/11/11 to remove my ovaries. The doctor stated he found both coils still embedded in my body and that he removed one but would not touch the other since it is now attached to my bowel and and has grown into the tissue. I contacted a few lawyers and they all say nothing can be done unless a doctor states this will affect my health in the future and need to have it removed immediately. Then I have a case. If it's not going to cause any harm then I don't have a case. I think that's bullsh#*t! I wouldn't recommend this procedure for a lab rat!

Mary Katherine Brown
Mary Katherine Brown, Family Law Attorney - Brooklyn, NY
Posted over 5 years ago.

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