Ok, I have more info reguarding the situtation.

My cousin works for a local law firm ( Just remember, after she called me ) and her dad works at the court House. They found out that there is an "Indictment Warrant" on me and I will have to appear in court.

She gave me a link to the local justice division so I can look at the Docket List. I found that My date is on October 24th, 2011 @ 8am. What am I to do between now and then? Will they come to arrest or will they mail/serve summons to appear at that date.

I had also read they have 7 days prior to scheduled appearance to be served/issues the summons.

Hopefully, with this information, it will give me MORE time to find a lawyer who is willing to hear my case and work with me on payment scheduling if he decides to take me on.

Any advice/info you have would be gratefully appreciated. Thanks for your time!