I had an attorney. But I fired that attorney because that attorney really messed things up for me, and she just wanted me to agree 50/50 on everything. No way! I asked for attorney fees but was informed I would not get any, so I listened and dropped the fees. Also, Can he claim hardship now, or does he have to wait to 2012 to claim it since Child support was based on 2010 tax W2's. He just had a child this month, and he asked me to change it last month. His attorney sent me a new dissomaster and wanted me to agree. I said no. I hear that he has to present his case to the court for an approval? If he can afford a high power attorney, and makes good money, how can he claim hardship? Is it only a modification or does he file a stipulation? I am hearing two different things from him.
And yes, I am getting an attorney. For I feel court coming again soon. Thanks