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Posted about 6 years ago.

Thanks for your help.

Victor Wallace Carmody Jr.
Victor Wallace Carmody Jr., DUI / DWI Attorney - Jackson, MS
Posted about 6 years ago.

This answer by an out of state lawyer compeletly confuses any Mississippi driver. The officer HAS a placeon the DUI ticket for analcohol reading,DUI prosecutions(unless they are felonies ane NOT handled by the D.A.There are NO PAS devices in Mississippi.This State uses the Intox8000 not epas?.Further Mississippi has NO "WET RECKLESS" charge.All states are markedly different,ans I'm sorry for any confusion the above answer has caused you!

Lance O'Neal Mixon
Lance O'Neal Mixon, DUI / DWI Attorney - Brandon, MS
Posted about 6 years ago.

I concur with Victor Carmody's comment above.