Scott, My son got an DUI last Friday at 10:40pm. He had 1 glass of wine and 1 beer between 6pm and 10PM. I know, because we worked together on an event in town during that time. He and my assistant got pulled over on their way home to my house, she calls me and ask me to come, and I was there 5 minutes later. My son has a really bad asthma since birth (he is now 22) and almost died 3 times in my arms when he was younger. When I arrived, he is handcuffed and I can see that he have a hard time breathing. I ask him if he has breathing problems and he can hardly speak because of the problems. I told state trooper that he needed his meds, and hi ignored me, I asked him to handcuff him on the front instead of back for his breathing, and he refused. He also said he had .18 in alcohol level, which cannot be accurate. i informed the state trooper that he had a bad asthma , he did not care. I was crying and he told me to leave before he would arrest me too. Do they have the right to refuse medical????