Hello Mr. Blauvelt,

I run in to a situation in the traffic court, where I needed to buy myself some time to go and do defensive classes and remove 2 point first.

In the prosecutor tried to foul me the matter will be going for a trail same day wether I accept the plea bargain or not "lowering 4 points to 2", even though I didn't see the officer in the court.
So I felt like I didn't had any option but to sign the plea offer... BUT when I went in front of the judge I ask that I should hire an attorney, which buys me time now to go and remove 2 point

My question now is: will my signature on the plea bargain still be considered on my next court date or will it be trashed, and finalize the matter when I will go for my next court date?

Do you know the time frame needed to dismiss traffic ticket in the state of NJ please?

I thank you very much for you valuable information

Best Regards,